Emergency Alert - Salted Roads Oil Change Intervals

Emergency Alert

Salted Roads

The argument here isn't with salted roads as a continuum of the American Suburban fantasy. The roads are heavily salted in winter, sending countless older cars to their doom. Preventative maintenance will be delt with in a future installment. What we have here is an Emergency Alert- Salted Roads.

Save plenty of quarters because you will need them to feed the pressure washer at the do-it-yourself car washes that usually are found in slightly lower rent locations. Put your money in the slot, put the dial on rinse and off you go. It is helpful to have some kind of impervious mat you can kneel on, because what you are doing is spraying off the car particularly the undercarriage. Keep the car running with the hood closed. Don't rinse anything under the hood. Get at as much of the undercarriage as you can and pay particular attention to flushing out the wheel wells. Work fast and repeat when necessary, all winter long.