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What happened to swedish cars

The poem Beowulf, considered to be one of the first works of English literature has an interesting twist in that Beowulf himself is from Sweeden. I was reading a copy and after the continuous mention of the ancestral swords he and his retainers were brandishing, I came upon a footnote: "Weapons of good quality were highly prized and handed down from father to son.

Professor Wren notes 'It seems that the art of making good weapons deteriorated from the fourth to the sixth centuries, so that good old weapons were traditionally treated like a Stradivaius violin.'

What happened to Swedish cars? Some of us are lucky because we can still drive the ancestral pre millenium Swedish cars. For all their differences, Saabs and Volvos fifteen years or older had in common the fact that they were simple, high quality cars. Simple and high quality do not seem to co-exist in the car market these days. We have moved away from durable, repairable machinery toward the disposable, albeit expensive, appliance. The two Swedish automakers have been swallowed and since regurgitated by the two largest American car companies.

Did Scandinavian design get swallowed as well? Perhaps everything has changed with the universal digital overload. A micro-processor in your coffee maker is an example of this overload. The rain sensor in the windshield of the Volvo XC70 is another.

Everyone worldwide seems to have been seduced, and we ride around in overly powerful, luxurious, insulated cocoons that obliterate the world outside. Yes, these are the new swords we brandish. Given the choice, Beowulf and his retainers would be driving 240 not XC70 Volvos.

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