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Style over Substance or What Ever Happened to Rain Gutters?

After yesterday's heavy snowfall, I opened the door and watched a pile of snow fall onto the seat and wondered: what ever happened to rain gutters?

Same question in a heavy rainstorm when you open the door from the inside to be greeted by a sheet of water on your head. Rain gutters on a car's roof minimize this problem.

I can't think of a car since the early 1990s that has a rain gutter. What's the story? Is it cheaper not to have a rain gutter? Are rain gutters simply homely looking and not suitable for todays uber stylish creations? Rain gutters are so practical. Roof racks are universally and easily attached as well. Rain gutters seem to have disappeared due to a collective aesthetic hypnosis foisted on the public by Big Auto. It is a new bourgeois standard, which because it is bourgeois is not subject to any more thought. It is a new norm, like low profile tires, and there is no debate or thought about what has worked quite well in the past. Our collective desire to be stylish and hip has closed the door, so to speak, on improved design that works.

I will sound way too old when I recall the demise of front vent windows, it has been so long since they were removed I only have vague nostalgic yearnings.