the immobilizer a winter's talefat tires


We are replacing a Saab fuel pump, crouching over the access hole beneath the back seat. The fuel line ends with a piece of plastic that has rubber o-rings that pushed into another plastic housing on the pump assembly. The plastic fuel line end is no longer available. We have to ever-so-slightly move the plastic tab that keeps the fuel line end secure. It is plastic and it breaks off. Then we try pull the fuel line end out of the housing and it too breaks off. It is plastic. Not just any plastic. It is polycrapolene.

Polycrapolene is that cheap plastic that is just about standard in the automotive world. So mechanics say when it breaks: "it's only plastic."

But what about those nylon combs you can bend in half? They used to be sold in stores on a card with a guy that looks like Charles Atlas bending the comb. What about the plastic body of my chainsaw that can be thrown on a cement floor with abandon? What about the plastic, delrin, that I can machine bushings with?

So it's not the plastic, it's the polycrapolene [™] brand. The plastic used in Lego is a much superior plastic. Maybe Lego could be subcontracted to do automobile work. It would not only be stronger, but maybe you could even move it around to customize your car interior, Lego style It is the plastic that some of us are familiar with building car, ship and plane models in our youth.

Perhaps the same chemicals in model cement that gives that glue-sniffing high off -gas in polycrpolene as well. So we surround ouselves with it to maintain that consumer high. Unfortunately in the automobile world we are stuck with second rate plastic configured by second rate engineers.