Burning Man New Jersey

Super bowl weekend in New Jersey seems to be like the Burning Man festival, but held in Bergen County New Jersey instead of the Black Rock desert of Nevada.

The burning man, of course, is our governor, Chris Christie.I think is was during his almost two hour "apology" speech that my swirling thoughts about him finally jelled. He is a megalomaniac. Fortunately he doesn't have the platform yet of Napoleon or Mussolini, but he works with what he's got. David Wildstein, his high school buddy who ordered the George Washington Bridge lane closures with a memorable "got it" was distanced in the governor's rambling speech about himself.

"I was student council president and athlete" Christie said "I didn't know what David was doing." For someone like our governor who has apparently watched too many episodes of the Sopranos, he should have learned you don't antagonize birds that can sing- you want them to fall on their swords, If I can mix my metaphors. For someone who put Newark mayor Sharp James in the slammer, you don't use pages from the Sharp James playbook. Unless you are a megalomaniac and immune from the normal human rules of cause and effect. Bridget Ann Kelley, Christie's aide, was also dismissed in his speech with "she is dead to me now." She will be one of those birds singing soon. By the way, how can a guy from Livingston, New Jersey, with a college education and law degree living in Mendam get away with a Don Corleone phrase like "she id dead to me now"? Don't forget , the State of New Jersey flew its flags at half mast to honor the death of James Gandolfini.

Let's get real - the State of New Jersey flew its flags at half mast to honor the death of Tony Soprano. A mobster with real talent is usually a megalomaniac. I am trying not to bandy terms about, and megalomaniac is a strong word not to be used lightly. There are always megalomaniacs among us: it all depends on what stage they end up - a tiresome friend, a micromanaging boss or Chancellor of the Reich. Whether it is the stronger-than-the-storm ads, to closing the GWB entrance lanes in Ft. Lee, or introducing Bon Jovi at Howard Stern's 60th birthday party, our governor is now big enough in size to be our Burning Man sacrifice.