Preface to the $@!#&^! Drawer Volvo S&V 40 sway bar

Preface to the $@!#&^! Drawer

My father has almost never used profanity. I say almost because growing up I would only rarely hear "Jesus Christ" or "Goddamit" when something went wrong in the workshop and only in the workshop.

Not too many years ago I was talking to my father, who at the time was writing an article for the Photographic Society of America Journal. He was doing some research at a museum, the Hartford Atheneum, and was dealing with its apparently difficult director. "Arthur" he said "this guy was a real asshole." I nearly keeled over- I never heard my father use this word in my life and my first thought was "Wow- this guy must really be an asshole!" Profanity looses its power through constant use.

This drawer of entries is overly profane simply because things happen in this shop that demand it to relieve the mental pressure. I suppose an alternative moniker for this drawer could be "designed by assholes."